Crossing from classroom to career.

92% of educators believe graduates are ready to enter the workforce. Only 11% of employers feel this is the case. We exist to solve this gap by equipping workforce entrants with the skills, knowledge, and abilities to thrive and stand out.

The disconnect. We exist to solve these gaps.

92% vs 11%

92% of educators believe students are ready to enter the workforce while only 11% of employers feel this is the case.


The national student to guidance counselor ratio in the United States.


Of employers believe “soft skills” are the greatest need of their employees. Soft skills can often make or break landing the job.

High touch advisory services.

1:1 Consultation

We train workforce entrants how to target their career path through a high impact resume, leadership on paper, interview preparation and a variety of other vital career preparation skills.

Group Workshops

Participants learn the skills needed to present themselves to the industries, companies and roles they covet. Each attendee exits the session with a refreshed resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. Workshop programming can be customized to the unique needs of a group.

Corporate Training

We teach new workforce entrants how to communicate effectively and professionally in a corporate environment. This includes effective email, leadership on paper, professional etiquette, data visualization, and much more.

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